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Let's Get Cookin'!

Let's Get Cookin'!

In PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS, author Robert Arlen uses black humor to create a recipe book meant to shock and amuse.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – In PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS, Robert Arlen takes on what he feels is one animal rights group’s over-the-top stance on animal rights by producing a cookbook for meals made from whales, poodles and more.

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I Really Love Animals

And I love eating them too!

About the author Robert Arlen has owned two pet shops, loves animals and wishes PETA had a sense of humor. He currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA and he says he has personally never tried any of the recipes in PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS.


I Really Love Animals

Every PETA Cookbook Ordered Gets a Donation to the Local SPCA

Yes, that’s right. The SPCA in Hampton Roads relies on donations from animal (eating) lovers like YOU! For every book sold, $1 will be donated to the SPCA…or one of the other organizations shown below. If you have a preference let me know and I’ll direct the dotation to the organization you prefer. It’s my way of doing something productive (as opposed to toxic) regarding animal care.

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Every PETA Cookbook Ordered Gets a Donation to the Local SPCA

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